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i beat cancer... now what?

Facing a cancer diagnosis is a lot like being forced to climb Mount Everest. Both mountains demand oodles of planning and preparedness. And both require that they be conquered one step at a time.

Every healthful intervention is a step closer to the summit. Every health improvement is a triumph for wellness.

And if all goes well, you reach the summit. And your oncologist says the words every cancer conqueror wants to hear, “We got it all.” But then the thought pops into your head, “I beat cancer… now what?”

"What can I do to improve my brain function, energy and weight?"
"What can I do to recover from cancer and treatment and reduce my risk of recurrence?"
"What can I do to live without worrying about cancer every second of every day?"
"What can I do to get down from this cancer mountain?"


there's a lot you can do


As an expert in holistic cancer recovery, lifestyle intervention and human performance, and as a cancer conqueror myself, my goal is to help you acquire the knowhow you need to recover fully from cancer and its treatment. And just as a professional athlete requires coaching to perform at the top of his or her sport, I’m here to be your coach, and to help you gain mastery over your cancer recovery. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, an excellent place for us to begin working together is in my new complimentary Facebook group, “I beat cancer… now what?”

I beat cancer… now what? is a collective movement intended to bring holistic cancer recovery and risk reduction information resources to young adults in North America and around the globe. In this group, not only will you have direct access to me, but you'll benefit from my 10+ years experience in the holistic health and wellness world, and from the unique experience each member brings to the group. In this group, you’ll find inspiration, motivation and real-world solutions to your post-cancer related health challenges.

Join the movement on Facebook, and be a part of an exclusive group that’s focused on helping you recover fully from cancer.

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be empowered + impassioned

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I’ve worked with everyone from athletes to CEOs, solopreneurs to stay-at-home parents, and everyone in-between, for over a decade, and am a cancer conqueror, wellness coach, health advocate, therapeutic bodyworker, dancer, adventurer, and then some. I use my diverse personal and professional experiences to deliver programs and services to empower and impassion young adults, like you, to live fully well no matter your health history.