Common questions


+ What is your website?

Information about Nova Functional Nutrition can be found on our website,

We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about our programs and/or to access client-member resources.

+ Can you help me with my health challenges?

Our functional nutrition counselor, Janell, uses an innovative systems-based approach to addressing the root causes of our nation’s most chronic health challenges. Maybe you have had the experience of working with a doctor, ordering tons of lab and other diagnostic testing, only to hear the words “all your testing results look good,” while you and your doctor know that your health is far from “good.” Or, maybe you have had the experience of receiving a diagnosis and medications for that diagnosis, only to experience worsening symptom. Sadly, many of our clients have had these experiences before finding our office.

Most doctors are brilliant specialists, trained to look for and diagnose specific dis-eases with specific tests, and to manage these diagnoses with specific therapies. For some, this system of dis-ease care or a “pill for every ill” gets them well enough to get back to living. But, when a specific diagnosis cannot be found, or when a specific therapy fails to help, this system of dis-ease care fails the client-patient. And, most our clients know this story all too well.

With the understanding that one health condition can have many causes and one cause can contribute to many health conditions, Janell’s approach begins with assessing the root causes of most health challenges and the modifiable lifestyle factors that influence them – diet/nutrition, exercise/movement, sleep, stress transformation, and relationships. Unfortunately, most doctors are not trained to look for root causes like food sensitivities, low-grade infections or imbalances in intestinal bacteria, genetic predisposition, environmental toxins or toxic load, mold exposures, nutrient deficiencies, and/or metabolic imbalances. And, most doctors are not even thinking about the cause-of-the-cause – modifiable lifestyle factors. But, we are.

Janell uses a functional medicine approach and lab testing to help her clients address the cause-of-the-cause (“root cause”), reduce their risk for future dis-ease, and recover from many chronic, difficult to diagnose, and/or difficult-to-manage health challenges. She is highly skilled in coaching/counseling clients with Alzheimer’s dis-ease, autoimmune diseases, Borreliosis (Lyme disease), cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel diseases, neurodegenerative dis-eases, Parkinson’s dis-ease, and/or other complex conditions.

+ Do you accept clients that live in other cities, states, or countries?

Yes. With exception of a few heavily regulated states, our practice can work with any person, anywhere via our practice app/platform (powered by Healthie) which features video conferencing. Please note that our services are subject to the dietetics/nutrition laws in your home state. Janell is a non-dietician nutrition professional and cannot/does not provide individualized nutrition counseling to clients in select states. You can refer to the map on the Center for Nutrition Advocacy website ( ) for more information. If your home state is “green” or “yellow” then no restrictions apply, and Janell is available to provide individualized nutrition COUNSELING. If your home state is “orange” or “red” then restrictions apply, and Janell is available to provide nutrition COACHING to support you in the implementation of your choice of foundational food plans ( ).

Additionally, if your home state is NJ, NY, or RI, or if you reside outside the United States, recommendations for functional laboratory testing will be made for you to discuss with your primary care physician (PCP) or another licensed physician. However, the decision to order testing will be up to you and your physician. Janell is unable to order testing in these 3 states or outside the country.

+ What should I expect at the new client consultation?

Your new client consultation is your opportunity to discuss your case and personal health goals with Janell. Together, you and Janell will determine next steps and if our New Healthie Normal™ program is a fit for you. See “Consultations” under our Practice Policies for Clients and “What to Expect at NFN” in our Welcome Package for more information.

+ What is the investment for the new client consultation?

The investment for your new client consultation will be $600.

+ What should I bring to the new client consultation?

We ask that you bring or have with you any relevant medical records, recent testing results, medication bottles, and/or supplement bottles. And, if you are not the financial decision maker in your household, we ask that that person be present at or available to join the appointment for the last 20 minutes or so.

+ How long does the new client consultation last?

Your new client consultation will be a 2-in-1 appointment that will include a 60-minute case review and a 60-minute diet/nutrition consultation. And, if our services are a fit for you and if you decide to continue care as a client, then we will go over the recommended functional lab testing kits and some paperwork to get started. This will be an additional 10 to 20-minutes. We value your time and will do our best to provide timely services.

+ Is functional lab testing covered by health insurance?

Functional lab testing is not usually covered by health insurance. For this reason, we use Evexia Diagnostics™ to make conventional and functional lab testing available to you at a fraction of the price.

+ How much should I budget for functional lab testing?

As a client in our program, you will have access to direct lab pricing, which ensures the lowest price possible. On average, our clients invest between $500 and $1500 for lab testing, and save between $1500 and $4500 on lab testing.

+ Can I pay for functional lab testing with my FSA/HSA?

Functional lab testing is not usually covered by FSA/HSA. But, please check with your HR department to be sure.

+ How does functional lab testing work?

During your new client consultation, Janell will make recommendations for testing based on your needs. And, if our program is a fit for you and if you decide to move forward with our practice in one of our programs, she will review with you the instructions (e.g., fasting, non-fasting, etc.) and fees associated with those tests. Like our telehealth consultations, most lab testing can be done at home with a kit from a specialty lab that will be shipped to your door (e.g., breath test, finger stick, saliva, stool, or urine). Other testing will require that you go to a local independent lab or Quest Diagnostics for a blood draw. In all cases, we assist you in coordinating the initial and follow-up testing. Quest Diagnostics requisitions/orders can be taken to the closest Quest Diagnostics in your area. To find a lab near you, visit

+ Can I just get the functional lab testing without enrolling in your program?

No. We do not offer à la carte testing or testing as a stand-alone service as this goes against the paradigm of functional medicine and nutrition. If we are going to address the root causes of your health challenges, we need a comprehensive approach. We only work with clients on a case management basis in one of our programs.

+ What is the New Healthy Normal™ program?

Please review information about the New Healthy Normal™ program on our website:

+ How do I know if the program is right for me?

The program is a fit for anyone actively seeking to optimize their health and healing. The program is not a fit for anyone whose health challenges have gone unaddressed for too long and to the point that they now require urgent medical attention or hospitalization. Also, if a client is unmotivated, unable, and/or unwilling to take the steps necessary to change their diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, then they would not do well in the program.

We invite you to schedule a free 20-minute call with us to find out if our program could be a fit for you.

+ What is the investment to enroll in the New Healthy Normal™ program?

The New Healthy Normal™ Embark program starts at $2397. This includes the price of your appointments and other touch points, your personalized health plan, educational and implementation materials, and access to client-exclusive resources. Lab testing and nutritional supplements are an additional investment but are made available to you at lab direct and deeply discounted prices, respectively.

+ Does the investment for the new client consult apply toward the investment for the program?

Yes. Your first appointment is included in your program appointments. We apply your investment for this appointment toward the total investment for the program. Therefore, you are paying into the program when you schedule your new client consultation.

+ Is it mandatory to use all the appointments in the program?

No. If you are a self-starter and prefer to be independent, it is not mandatory that you use all your appointments. The program’s core value is in assessing your health history, piecing together your clinical case, ordering the right lab testing, informing you of your options, and then co-creating a unique solution that addresses the root causes of your health challenges by leveraging your modifiable lifestyle factors. Our goal is to empower you and to guide you along the right-for-you path, so that you can use these tools for you and your loved ones the rest of your life. You are welcome to use the remaining appointments as needed to focus on your diet, nutrition, or lifestyle needs.

+ What happens at the end of my initial program?

At the end of your initial program, we will re-evaluate your case and help you determine your best steps for moving forward. To ensure sustained personal growth and development, we may offer a different program to meet your needs:

  • New Healthy Normal™ Sustain – this is an annual program that includes continued online support and four (4) follow-up consultations – investment $1197

+ Do I still need my primary care physician (PCP) or oncologist?

Yes. Janell is a non-dietician nutrition counselor and not a physician. As such, she cannot and does not provide medical- or primary care-related services. She will work closely with you as your coach and consultant in dis-ease risk reduction and health recovery, empowering you to leverage your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, with tools and techniques that are rooted in a functional medicine paradigm of health and healing.

+ Will I see other health professionals in the program?

Yes. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, Janell may recommend working with an allied health professional as part of your program (e.g., Corrective Exercise Specialist, Health Coach, Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, etc.).

+ Are your programs covered by my insurance?

No. Nova Functional Nutrition is a cash-based practice and does not accept or participate in insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. Additionally, insurance claims are not filed on your behalf. And, we do not assist with claims or claims resolutions. Payment in-full is required upon accepting care.

This saves you valuable time, energy, and money in the long-run, because we can do and recommend what is in your best interest, which is not likely to be covered by insurance. We endeavor to recommend the level of care, testing, and supplements we would want for ourselves and our loved ones.

+ What's the difference between an RD, RDN, or other nutritionist?

In many states, including Virginia, virtually anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, which makes it difficult to differentiate between those with extensive nutrition education and those who have read a book or completed a weekend certification course in nutrition.

A Registered Dietician (RD) or Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN) is generally a person who has completed a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, completed a supervised practice program, and passed a nationally recognized exam, in addition to maintaining continuing education requirements.

Janell is a non-dietician Nutrition Counselor. She has completed a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and psychology, completed supervised practice experiences, and is nearing completion of a master’s degree in clinical nutrition in preparation for the most advanced nationally recognized exam and board certification in functional medicine, in addition to participating in continuing education.

Other nutrition professionals (e.g., health coaches, holistic nutritionists, nutrition therapy practitioners, etc.) may have little or no formal training in nutrition. And, while they may play an important role on a multidisciplinary health care team, individualized nutrition counseling is generally outside the scope of their training.

+ Do you offer financing services for your programs?

No. We do not offer financing services for our programs. We are committed to your health. Because interruptions in your care due to limited financial resources and financial stress can negatively impact your health and well-being, we do not recommend going into debt to participate in our program. Instead, we recommend scheduling a free 20-minute introductory call to discuss free or low-investment resources for you to get started with while you budget for our program.

+ Can I pay for the program with my FSA/HSA?

Nova Functional Nutrition does not accept FSA/HSA for coaching/counseling care or supplements. We will not get involved with any claim dispute.

+ Where do I go to enroll in the program?

Upon scheduling your new client consultation, a “Payment Request” will become available inside our practice app/platform (powered by Healthie) for you to pay on or before the day of service. After your new client consultation, and only if our program is a fit for you, a second “Payment Request” will become available inside Healthie for our program. As soon as your payment processes, you are enrolled in the program and instructions for accessing your client-member benefits will become available.

+ Who do I call with questions?

For general questions, please leave a detailed message for our administrative staff. Your call will be returned during our practice office hours. Our practice phone number is: +1.703.376.7768

For questions related to your coaching/counseling care that cannot wait until your regularly scheduled follow-up appointment, please schedule a 20-minute check-in call or use the chat feature inside our practice app/platform (powered by Healthie) – standard consultation rates may apply.

{Important} For medical emergencies, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room. And, for medical advice, consult a licensed physician.

+ What are your office hours?

Our practice office hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from 4PM to 9PM EST and select Saturdays, from 9AM to 4PM EST – by appointment only.

+ Where is your office located?

Our practice office hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from 4PM to 9PM EST and select Saturdays, from 9AM to 4PM EST – by appointment only.