Common questions


(a.k.a., practice policies for clients)

+ What can I expect from my consultation?

Your new client consultation will last up to 2-hours. At the time of your new client consultation, Janell will obtain a comprehensive health history, review your functional medicine report, conduct a nutrition-focused physical exam (in-office clients), and/or review your health goals and objectives. Janell will also discuss any functional laboratory evaluations (i.e., blood, saliva, stool, urine, etc.) that may be beneficial, as well as any preliminary diet and nutrition recommendations.

Written recommendations will be made available to at your first follow-up consultation 2 to 4 weeks after your new client consultation, which will last up to 60-minutes, and will include information on diet/nutrition, exercise/movement, sleep, stress, relationships, and other modifiable lifestyle factors, as well as referrals to physician partners, as appropriate. Your first follow-up consultation may be scheduled for as early as 2 week after your new client consultation if no recommendations for laboratory testing are made at your new client consultation.

+ How often can I expect to follow-up?

Recommendations for when to follow-up will be based on the expectation that you’re doing well with your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan. Should circumstances change, health challenges come up, laboratory testing results come in, or should you require a change to your plan, please schedule a follow-up consultation sooner than your regularly scheduled follow-up consultation. Most clients follow-up with us every 1 to 2 weeks for months 1 through 4, and then every 1 to 2 months for months 5 through 8, and then every 2 to 4 months as needed for support with, or to make changes to, their plan. However, do expect to follow-up at least once after your new client consultation to review your laboratory results and written recommendations – at the very least.

+ I’m not in Virginia... can I still work with you?

Yes, although some restrictions may apply depending on your home state. Telehealth consultations delivered via our online nutrition platform and app (powered by Healthie and/or Zoom) are subject to the dietetics/nutrition laws in your home state. Janell is a non-dietician nutrition professional, and as such, cannot provide individualized nutritional counseling to clients in select states. Please refer to the map on The Center for Nutrition Advocacy website. If your home state is “green” or “yellow,” NO restrictions apply, and Janell is available to provide virtual nutrition counseling. If your home state is “orange” or “red,” restrictions apply, and Janell is available to provide virtual nutrition coaching to support you in implementing your choice of Foundational Food Plans.

+ How do I prepare for my consultation?

Having the most up-to-date information will help us help you more efficiently and enhance the overall quality of your coaching/counseling care.

All forms and questionnaires must be completed and received by our office at least 48-hours before all appointments. Missing forms and questionnaires will result in automatic cancellation of your appointment, which will be rescheduled after all forms and questionnaires are completed and received.

Instructions for how to complete these forms and questionnaires will be sent to your email address within 48-hours of scheduling. Although not required, it may be helpful to have with you any recent medical records, laboratory testing results, 3-day food journal, and bottles of nutritional supplements that you take regularly.

Because your Protected Health Information (PHI) can only be released with your authorization, you are responsible for obtaining any PHI (e.g., medical records, laboratory testing results, etc.) from your healthcare professionals that you would like for Janell to review. Please contact your healthcare professionals to obtain these records, and upload them to our nutrition platform/app powered by Healthie. A release form is available for your use on our website.

+ If testing is necessary, can I get that through your office?

We are working on partnerships with physicians in/around Reston, Virginia to provide lab testing to local clients. For each test ordered, there will be a nominal fee in addition to the cost of the test. If it is your preference, we can also work with your primary care provider (PCP) to order testing. Please keep in mind that some functional tests may be unfamiliar to your PCP, and we may need to run those tests through a physician partners’ office or a consumer-direct laboratory.

Recent laboratory testing results will be reviewed during your new client consultation and/or regularly scheduled follow-up consultation. Review of laboratory testing results older than sixty (60) days will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are an established client and would like to have your results reviewed sooner, please schedule a follow-up consultation for this purpose.

+ How do I order supplements?

After your first follow-up consultation, you will receive via email a link to FullScript. Supplements have been recommended for you on this website. Simply click on the link in the email, decide on your user name and password, and order your supplements. A savings of 10 to 20-percent, based on your client-membership level, will automatically be applied during checkout. In the future, you can visit and click the Fullscript link to access your account and order. Please make a note of your username and password for future reference.

Due to our agreements with referring healthcare providers, we restrict purchases on Fullscript to supplements that are either recommended for you in a consultation with Janell or not stocked at your healthcare providers’ offices. Please purchase supplements recommended by your healthcare providers from their respective offices whenever possible.

+ What are your fees?


  • Up to 2-hour in-office, phone, or teleconsultation visit to establish care will be $600.

The new client consultation will set your plan of action for your health and wellness plan. The plan will include a detailed functional medicine report and recommendations for diet/nutrition, exercise/movement, sleep, stress, relationships, and other modifiable lifestyle factors as indicated. The visit will include a comprehensive health history, nutrition-focused physical exam (if applicable), review of your health goals and objectives, and preliminary recommendations. Written recommendations will be made available to you at your first follow-up consultation 2 to 4 weeks after your new client consultation. This allows for time to collaborate with physician partners and to obtain any laboratory testing results necessary for the careful creation of your plan.


  • Up to 60-minute in-office, phone, or teleconsultation visit will be $300.
  • Up to 40-minute in-office, phone, or teleconsultation visit will be $200.
  • Up to 20-minute in-office, phone, or teleconsultation visit will be $100.
  • Consultations that exceed the scheduled length of time will be billed at $50 per 10-minutes.


  • Up to 60-minute in-office, phone, or teleconsultation visit to reestablish care (i.e., if it’s been more than 12-months since your last consult) will be $450.
  • Laboratory evaluation review (LER), email, messaging, and/or chat between consultations will be billed at $50 per 10-minutes.

+ Will health insurance cover my visits?

Janell does NOT participate in insurance for nutrition coaching or counseling services.

If you will be participating in therapeutic massage and bodywork services for an injury or chronic medical condition for which massage is indicated, and if you would like to seek insurance reimbursement for the services by submitting an out-of-network claim form to your insurance company, please have your licensed physician complete our Prescription Form BEFORE your scheduled appointment. Please note that following these steps does NOT guarantee insurance reimbursement.

+ How do I pay?

When you schedule your new client consultation, a credit card number is placed on file to hold the appointment for you. No charges will be applied to your credit card unless you miss or cancel the appointment without proper notice. Payment is due on the day of service. Telehealth visits are billed to your credit card on file.

Personal checks are accepted for in-office consultations. Returned checks are subject to a $50 returned check fee, after which, personal checks will no longer be accepted.

FSA/HSA cards are conditionally accepted for therapeutic massage and bodywork services with a valid physician’s prescription that includes appropriate diagnosis codes. Please do NOT attempt to use your FSA/HSA cards for other services and supplements. This may result in an IRS audit, loss of your tax benefits, and loss of our ability to accept FSA/HSA for therapeutic massage and bodywork services.

+ What if I need to cancel my appointment?

There is a 48-hour cancellation policy for appointments. Your appointment must be cancelled at least 2 days before your scheduled service or your credit card on file will be charged half of the scheduled service fee on the next business day. You may cancel your appointment by calling 703.376.7768 or by clicking the cancellation link included in the appointment confirmation email. Do NOT use email, text messaging, or our app (powered by Healthie) to cancel appointments.

+ What if I arrive late?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your in-office appointment, or log in 5 minutes prior to your telehealth appointment, to allow for parking and technical difficulties, respectively. Because we make every attempt to meet with our clients on time, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your full appointment should you arrive or log in late. Payment in the amount of half the scheduled service fee is required for late or missed appointments and will be charged to your credit card on file the next business day.

We follow our own cancellation policy—should we cancel without 2-days’ notice, you will receive a credit on file valued at half the scheduled service fee.

Exceptions to our cancellation policy are made on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances (e.g., unexpected death of a loved one, a serious illness or injury, severe weather or a natural disaster, government-mandated obligations, and the like).

+ How do I contact your office?

Our office is in Reston, Virginia (formerly Middletown, Kentucky), and we meet with clients virtually Monday-Wednesday, 4pm-9pm EST and select Saturdays, 9am-4pm EST.

Call 703.376.7768 to leave a message for our office staff. Please include your full name, date of birth, phone number, and time zone, and briefly describe your reason for calling. Messages will be checked and returned during our office hours. If you have not received a call-back within 48 office hours, please try again.

Established clients should message Janell inside the Healthie app/platform for a faster reply – standard consultation fees apply.

If you have a medical emergency, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room. And, if you need of medical advice, please consult a licensed physician.

+ How do I contact Janell between appointments?

Email, phone, and text support between consultations is limited to administrative purposes only (e.g., cancelling or confirming appointments or sending requested information, and NOT for coaching/counseling or reviewing laboratory test results). We will do our best to respond to such email, phone, and text within 48 office hours – standard text messaging rates and data fees may apply.

Any information related to your coaching/counseling care that is sent to us between consultations will be placed in your file for an upcoming scheduled consultation.

For concerns or questions that cannot wait, please schedule an up to 20-minute check-in consultation, or use the chat feature inside our Healthie app – standard consultation fees apply.

HIPAA Email Consent (Allow Unencrypted Email)

+ Can I connect with your office on social media?

Although you are encouraged to connect with our practice and Janell on social media, please do not use social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) to contact Janell with information related to your coaching/counseling care, or with other personal information, as social media is NOT completely confidential or secure. Additionally, Janell may not read your comments, messages, or posts in a timely manner.

If you need to contact Janell between consultations, the best way to do so is by scheduling a 20-minute check-in consultation or using the chat feature inside our Healthy app – standard consultation fees apply.

Also, at times, Janell may conduct a Web search (e.g., Google) to get to know you better.

+ What's the difference between an RD, RDN, or other nutritionist?

In many states, including Virginia, virtually anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, which makes it difficult to differentiate between those with extensive nutrition education and those who have read a book or completed a weekend certification course in nutrition. A Registered Dietician (RD) or Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN) is generally a person who has completed a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, completed a supervised practice program, and passed a nationally recognized exam, in addition to maintaining continuing education requirements.

Janell is a non-dietician Nutrition Counselor. She has completed a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and psychology, completed supervised practice experiences, and is nearing completion of a master’s degree in clinical nutrition in preparation for the most advanced nationally recognized exam and board certification in functional medicine, in addition to participating in continuing education.

Other nutrition professionals (e.g., health coaches, holistic nutritionists, nutrition therapy practitioners, etc.) may have little or no formal training in nutrition. And, while they may play an important role on a multidisciplinary health care team, individualized nutrition counseling is generally outside the scope of their training.