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Food + Supplement Products

Cultured Ghee

Organic, grass-fed butter product for the casein/ lactose sensitive 

Real Salt®

Real, unrefined salt, rich in naturally occurring trace-minerals


Organic, turmeric root powder—natural anti-inflammatory



Professional-grade supplements for 15-25% off retail


Food Services + Subscriptions

Thrive Market

Organic products for 25-50% off—membership required


Organic products for 15% off—Prime membership required

Amazon Prime

Organic products for 15% off—with Subscribe&Save


Food Prep Products


7-in-1, stainless steel, multifunctional pressure cooker


Commercial-quality blender with 3HB—stands up to anything

Omega® J8006

Easy to use, low-speed masticating juicer—preserves nutrients

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