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Griffin Remedy

All natural personal care line—we especially ❤ their daily shampoo and conditioner

The Spa Dr®

All natural skincare line for radiant skin by naturopath, Dr. Trevor Cates*


Our favorite natural deodorant—use sponsor/enroller ID #1357349

*Janell loves the skincare line by The Spa Dr® based on its ingredients and rave reviews from clients and colleagues. Her son has a life-threatening allergy to one of its ingredients, and so she has not used the skincare line personally. Janell does not receive a commission for recommending this personal care product.

100% Pure

All natural makeup and skin care line—we especially ❤ their tinted moisturizer


All natural condoms and pH balanced lubricants, the best we've found so far—try 'em for free


Personal Care Educational Resources

Skin Deep®

{Free} Search the cosmetics database to make healthier choices

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