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Janell Kaplan is an adjunctive healthcare provider—meaning her care is designed to assist the primary treatment and not to replace it. If you're not currently under the care of a licensed physician (e.g., MD, DO, or ND),  then kindly use the resources below to find one.


Provider Directories + Listings

IFM Search

Find a physician or other licensed health care provider in functional medicine near you

DIFM Search

Find a registered dietician in integrative/functional medicine near you

OncANP Search

Find a naturopathic physician in naturopathic oncology near you


Like-Minded Cancer Care Providers In + Around the US

An Oasis of Healing
Mesa, Arizona


Breast Cancer Conqueror
Dr. Véronique Desaulniers
Fayetteville, Georgia
Offers Phone Consultations
+1.888.852.2596 (toll free)


Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Atlanta, Georgia
Chicago, Illinois
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
Tulsa, Oklahoma
+1.800.931.9299 (toll free)

*CTCA leads with conventional cancer treatments (i.e., chemo- and radiation therapies), and uses complimentary treatments to minimize side-effects and maximize efficacy.

Hope4Cancer Institute
Dr. Anthony Jimenez
Baja California, MexicoBaja California, Mexico
+1.888.544.5993 (toll free)


Maximized Living®
Dr. Charles Majors
Romeoville, Illinois


Oasis of Hope
Tijuana, Mexico
+1.888.500.4673 (toll free)


Like-Minded Providers In + Around Louisville, KY

Dr. Peter Swanz
Naturopathic Physician
Louisville, KY


Dr. Laura White
Functional Pediatrician
Shebyville, KY

Disclaimer: Indomitable Spirit, LLC DBA Janell Kaplan is more than happy to help individuals find integrative and functional medicine providers trained within the philosophies of our company. However, our recommendation does NOT guarantee that the recommended provider will be as holistically-minded as we are. In order to avoid potential problems, individuals who have particular needs should ask questions before they embark on a visit to any office. For instance, some individuals may love the smell of essential oils used by providers, while those who are environmentally sensitive cannot tolerate it. No two providers practice exactly alike. This does not always mean that the care you receive from one will be inferior or superior to that of another—just different. As always, our company encourages you to make your own informed health care decisions based on your own judgement and research in partnership with a qualified healthcare provider. Please understand that you assume all risks from the use, non-use or misuse of the recommendations made available to you.