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Nutrition Consulting

A comprehensive, evidence-based approach to nutrition care that blends functional medicine assessment with personalized nutrition coaching and consulting for the support of healing from specific health conditions. ©2014-2017 Indomitable Spirit DBA Janell Kaplan Whole Body Nutrition™ Therapeutic Bodywork.jpg

Therapeutic Bodywork

A body-centered approach to healing that emphasizes the hands-on manipulation and mobilization of the body’s soft-tissue to bring about ease of movement, less discomfort, and more energy for daily living. ©2014-2017 Indomitable Spirit DBA Janell Kaplan Functional Medicine.jpg

Functional Medicine

A personalized, systems-based approach to care that empowers the person and healthcare professional to partner for the well-being of the person by addressing the core causes of their specific health conditions.

Online Dispensary

A professional-grade supplement shop powered by Fullscript™ (formerly HealthWave) and made available to you for your convenience and savings. Brands include Thorne Research, Pure Encapsulations, and others.

Care may include

  • Comprehensive Intake Questionnaire
  • Functional Nutrition Assessment (medical history, physical exam, biomarkers, etc.)
  • Functional Nutrition Consulting
  • Lifestyle Medicine Consulting
  • Therapeutic Bodywork
  • Functional Laboratory Evaluations
  • Physician Referral (if needed)

In Louisville, KY + anywhere you are

Janell sees clients at several locations in and around Louisville, KY and remotely via online teleconsultation.