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Everything I do here, I do it for you. Tell me a bit about yourself—your health-related goals, your challenges, and what topics you’re secretly hoping I’ll cover in my next blog or Facebook post, newsletter, or class. Filling out this survey will help me create content that’s meaningful to you—content that makes the difference you’re looking for in your health and quality of life. You'll also get to see my own responses to the survey.

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JK: Mine's Janell. Let's not be strangers any longer.
JK: I live in the U.S. and call Louisville, KY home. But, I left my heart in Seattle, WA and hope to return at some point.
JK: Depends whose asking—I describe myself as a Nutrition Consultant, Hands-On Healer, Indomitable Spirit, Crunchy Homeschool Mama of One, Dance Enthusiast, and the list goes on.
Which statement best describes you?
JK: I've been living with chronic illness more than a year.
Which statement best describes you?
JK: I've been a cancer survivor for more than a year—yup, since December 13, 1999.
Which Name do you identify with most?
JK: Cancer Conqueror
JK: I'll spare you the details here, but you're welcome to read my health history on
JK: Migraines. Even though I'm down to 2 a month from 2+ a week, and I'm managing them well, I'd LOVE to see these headaches completely gone.
JK: Personally, I'd love to see the migraine headaches disappear completely—I've down to 2 a month from 2 a week, but I'd like to see them gone.
JK: I'm not-so-secretly hoping the celebrity doctors I follow will cover topics like the critical role of lifestyle in the prevention and treatment of cancer.
JK: Today—I feel "healthy" 28-days out of the month, but I didn't always feel this way.
JK: To kick the migraines completely. Becuase, of the few chronic conditions I'm still managing, the migraines are the most disruptive.
JK: Answering this about me is silly, so I'll say this instead—the Drs. who introduced me to the work I do today are Drs. Judy Fulop and Paul Faust.
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