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A friend introduced me to Janell Kaplan during one of the darkest and most challenging times in my life. I had recently been diagnosed with cancer. I felt lost and overwhelmed. Janell was a balanced and deeply appreciated voice of support and reason during that time.

When another life crisis came along, she graciously agreed to be my coach. A better ally and guide in dark times, I could never ask for.

When she says she has your back, she means it. She can ‘hold space’ like no one I’ve ever known. She knows what she is talking about, and has a genuine intuitive sense that is immediately helpful. She is passionate about helping people to help themselves. She is not a ‘yes’ person. She’ll give it to you straight even if its ‘tough love’, and I have found that invaluable. She is resourceful, knowledgeable, and on point. She can present her insight in a very accessible and constructive way.

Janell is a truly wonderful woman and health coach, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

—A.L. Lasley, Northern VA

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For nearly eight years, Janell Kaplan has been my go-to person whenever I have needed help navigating my wellness journey and holistic health care options.

Her encouraging words and enthusiasm for moving forward together in health and life leave you feeling genuinely cared for and valued as a human being. The quality of individual care Janell brings to her mentoring is second to none. You would be hard-pressed to find a healthcare professional like her anywhere.

Janell has given voice to my health care concerns in a way no other healthcare professional has for me. Because of her mentoring, I have the confidence to assert that I know my body better than anyone. And because of her education, I have the “know-how” to ask the right questions until I am satisfied with the answer, and can move forward comfortably and confidently in my wellness journey.

—Bethany S., Northern VA

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Working one-on-one with Janell Kaplan was an empowering and invaluable experience that I won’t soon forget. The amount of time, attention and expert advice I received from her helped me get to the source of my recent ulcerative colitis flare and discover ways in which I can help my body heal.

Janell’s personable approach put me at ease, as she helped me find clarity, direction and peace when I needed it most. I have benefited more from working with her than I have from working with anyone else. And because of Janell, I have the confidence and clear direction to take charge of my physical and emotional healing journey.

Thank you, Janell, for doing what you do. Because of you, I can look forward to my continued healing with confidence.

—Julia H., Northwest KY