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Coach Kaplan offers therapeutic bodywork and bio-individualized coaching care based on functional wellness methodology to help you get to the core causes of your health challenges. Functional wellness is gaining recognition in health care for its person-centered approach to health and its ability to compliment the best of integrative medicine with interventions that target a person's unique environment, genetics and lifestyle, emphasizing the identification and elimination of ongoing distress in the body, mind and spirit. "When you do more to destress your body, and less to distress it, your body is free to heal itself."

Are you ready to find freedom from health limitations?

You've a choice... You can survive or thrive

Adrenal fatigue
Allergies or sensitivities
Autoimmune condition
Cancer or late effects of treatment
Blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol challenges
Detoxification or methylation challenges (MTHFR)
Digestive disorder
Gluten intolerance or celiac disease
Hormone imbalance
Leaky gut
Lyme disease, co-infections or post-treatment syndrome
Mold related illness
Over- or underweight
Thyroid disorder
Poorly healed injury
Structural imbalance

Although these and other health challenges are a problem, they're not the problem—they are a symptom of the problem. If you're ready to be fully supported in getting to the core causes of your health challenges, doing more to help your health and less to harm it, so that you can finally find freedom from health limitations, then you're invited to schedule a Free 20-Minute Consultation with Coach Kaplan to see how she can help.


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Meet Janell. Coach. Board Certified, Licensed Bodyworker. Exploring mind-body wellness, and functional foods and fitness, for people impacted by chronic illness and pain. Passionate about helping people, like you, change their health and life forever. #BioHacking

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Self-healing isn’t complicated—when you do more to destress your body, and less to distress it, your body is free to heal itself.
— Coach Kaplan