Welcome to Your New Healthy Normal

We're here to help you to make diet, nutrition, and lifestyle choices based on the best available scientific evidence, our clinical expertise, and your values and preferences, so that you can experience health and well-being amidst cancer and chronic illness. 


Here's How We Help

Nutrition Consulting

A comprehensive, evidence-based approach to nutrition care that blends functional medicine assessment with personalized nutrition coaching and consulting for the management of specific health conditions.

Therapeutic Bodywork

A body-centered approach to health that emphasizes the hands-on manipulation and mobilization of the body’s soft-tissue to bring about ease of movement, less discomfort, and more energy for daily living.

Functional Medicine

A personalized, systems-based approach to care that empowers the person and health professional to partner for the well-being of the person by addressing the core causes of their specific health conditions.

Meet Janell

Janell Kaplan, BSc, LMT // Founder

Janell is a Louisville-based nutrition consultant and therapeutic bodyworker, offering bio-individualized care based on functional medicine methodology to help you make healthy your new normal amidst cancer, Lyme disease, or chronic illness. Functional medicine is gaining recognition for its person-centered approach to health and its focus on a person's unique environment, genetics, and lifestyle, emphasizing the identification and elimination of ongoing distress in the body, mind, and spirit. Because, when you do more to destress your body, and less to distress it, your body is free to heal itself. Janell and her clients are living proof of this.


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