At Nova Functional Nutrition, we specialize in integrative and functional nutrition solutions for individuals with cancer and chronic disease.


I often get asked...

"Janell, will I ever feel healthy again?" Many of my new clients are doubtful because their well-meaning physicians have advised them that there's nothing they can do to improve their health, and that they must learn to live with their new normal. And, while there's some truth in this medical advice, I believe there's more to it.

Most physicians are disease experts. Their tools – pharmaceutical drugs, surgical procedures, and other medical therapies – are intended to treat disease. However, these tools are poorly-suited for cultivating health. As a nutrition counselor and health expert, my tools – diet, nutrition, and lifestyle – are well-suited for cultivating health. 

When faced with a diagnosis of cancer or chronic disease, it often takes both sets of tools – those for treating disease and those for cultivating health – to feel healthy again. And, it would be my joy to partner with you and your physician, empowering you with the tools necessary to cultivate a new healthy normal.


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Janell Kaplan, BSc, LMT
Functional Nutrition Counselor
Founder, Nova Functional Nutrition

Janell Kaplan, BSc, LMT  Functional Nutrition Counselor

Our mission

At Nova Functional Nutrition, our mission is to help you cultivate a new healthy normal in which you can live and feel your healthiest. We help you break the cycle of disease by leveraging your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle. As you begin to live healthier, you feel healthier. And, as you begin to feel healthier, you live healthier. And, so on and so forth. We do this with by combining person-centered care with time-honored nutritional traditions and cutting-edge nutritional science.